How to use the panel - Supplier

How to register for membership

Step 1

Download the Low Risk ICT Projects Application Package (for Low Risk ICT Projects) Please review and complete the relevant documents.

Step 2

Email the completed documents to Contract Management, please ensure the Supplier Statement is in a searchable PDF format.

Step 3

Once the application has been approved (up to 10 working days) the Contract Authority will contact the supplier's authorised person advising of the outcome.

Step 4

On approval, the agreement will need to be electronically executed. This will occur when the supplier's authorised person logs in for the first time. The agreement needs to be reviewed and acceptance of the terms and conditions by selecting the Accept button. Once accepted, the agreement will be electronically signed and date/time stamped. An electronic copy will be emailed to your nominated contact person. You will now be able to use the portal.

Step 5

Login to the Low Risk ICT Projects portal

Step 6

Check that your details and service categories are correct. (It is your responsibility to ensure that the details are accurate and kept up-to-date).

Step 7

Ensure that an up to date copy of your Certificate of Insurance has been uploaded to the portal BEFORE you commence any projects.

Step 8

Your nominated contact will receive an automated email if you've been invited to respond to a Request for Quote (RFQ).